Internet of Things (IoT)

Virtually connected to everyone

Canny is doing something big to bring innovation to life-When choosing or developing an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, the main objective is usually to develop applications that enable new solutions and services or increase the efficiency of existing business. The platform should therefore provide a good basis for developing and running IoT applications.

After file sharing, e-commerce, and social media, the next generation of the internet is connecting things and devices: the Internet of Things (IoT). These devices range from sensors and security cameras to vehicles and production machines – we expect that there will be 14 billion connected devices by 2022.

Connecting devices results in data that open up new insights, business models, and revenue streams. The insights gained from this data in turn give rise to new services that can complement the conventional product business.

IoT benefits

The connected world will impact consumers and the business world alike. For instance, it changes how customers and companies come together. Instead of just meeting at the point of sale, the relationship becomes a continuous interaction, which lasts as long as the customer keeps using a product and the corresponding services. Private users of connected devices will see the new services enriching their relationship to the products, providing higher quality of life, comfort, security, and fun. Corporate users of these services will benefit from efficiency gains, cost savings, and better allocation of resources.

M2M vs. Internet of Things

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) focuses on connections to devices. It captures data at end points and transmits it across local and wide-area networks to generate specific alerts or actions. IoT includes the attributes of M2M, however, significant additional value is created by the interconnection of things, users, enterprises and partners.

Our vision for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things connects our private and professional worlds. At Canny Technologies, we believe that companies and private individuals can benefit from added value only when these four areas are seamlessly and effectively integrated with each other.

Our world is changing fast. People are sharing cars, generating their own energy for their homes, and finding ways to make machines communicate with each other. Key areas of our personal and professional lives are becoming increasingly interconnected. And that makes things easier – both at home and at work.

To give you some ideas of what the Internet of Things is all about, All these reflect the four key areas of our IoT vision including: users, enterprises, partners, and things


The IoT focuses heavily on benefits for end customers, since they ultimately decide whether to use the things and services on offer. To encourage users to take advantage of them, products and services should be designed to capture users’ interest in their own personal environment, enhance their quality of life, and be easy to use.


Process optimization, device management, end-to-end processes, real-time decisions, and data integration are just some of the critical topics that are increasingly demanding the attention of businesses worldwide. To stay on top of these trends and ensure that everything runs smoothly in the IoT, companies need to optimize their existing services or develop new ones. The CannyIoT Suite provides key support in this process – starting from the customer inquiry, continuing through incorporating device data, and all the way to payment.


In the connected world, partnerships between businesses are becoming more important than ever. That's because no single company can successfully tackle all of the increasingly complex challenges on its own. These partnerships can be anything from technology partnerships and service partnerships to groups of companies that have decided to jointly market their products. If companies can model and implement these partnerships using software, they can cooperate more quickly and efficiently, benefiting all involved.


The IoT links the physical world of things to the virtual world of the internet. By linking together computer networks, sensors, actuators, machines, and devices, the IoT offers a multitude of new opportunities for businesses to develop new products and services. The CannyIoT Suite lays the necessary groundwork, providing efficient device management and one platform for connecting things to a wide variety of applications as well as to market players.

Benefits of the Canny Technologies IoT Suite

• Fast application development thanks to integrated IoT middleware that covers rules, process and device management, orchestration, and operation

• State-of-the-art security technology that can be used directly in application development

• Availability of a trusted and secure IoT cloud

• Consistent and systematic access to Canny devices and third-party devices based on open standards using information models derived from business logic

• Open platform due to the incorporation of numerous open-source software products and consistent standards support

• Flexible and adaptable pricing model (depending on the number of connected devices, users, transactions) that also allows for partner business models with revenue sharing.